Greeting Saturday with a(n Un-)Healthy Dose of BOF!

Greeting Saturday with a(n Un-)Healthy Dose of BOF!

Nothing beats my undying love for K-Dramas. “Boys Over Flowers”, my first drama, my first love, my introduction to the wonderful world of crappy acting and Earth-shattering love. I swear, I’ve never had the Earth shift so violently beneath my feet than when I watch my beautiful K-Dramas.
Where most people love Lee MinHo (with good reason, may I add), my heart lies irrevocably with Kim HyunJoong.
That man.
*Fangirl Squealing*
*Ovaries Explode*
I love him, I love him, I looooove hiiiim.
So I’ve been trying to get Chimmercharlie to watch this for a while and now I actually have her watching it legit! I told her to watch BOF over a year ago and she refused. I told her to watch “Death Note” and she refused. A couple of days ago though she changed her mind and watched “Death Note” and seeing as she enjoyed that, I’ve managed to convince her to give BOF another go. If she likes this then I’ll get her to watch “Playful Kiss” next (starring my love, Kim HyunJoong).
See, the beauty of K-Dramas is that it’s not something you just *watch*. To WATCH is not the right verb for when you experience the life-changing thing that is KOREAN DRAMA!
I’ll admit that the acting is astonishingly, phenomenally, fantastically, unbelievably bad. To me, that simply adds to the charm of them. Call me weird, colour me crazy, but K-Dramas have ruled my life since I first encountered them in 2010. I was so resistant to it at first, but then my friend (I’ve known her my entire life- something that’s very rare in an expat community) *finally* convinced me to watch an episode of this at 2 in the morning in Cambodia on a school trip. Nothing else was on so I agreed. It happened to be episode 18 out of 25, therefore it was extremely intense and impossible to NOT finish watching. When I came home the first thing I did was get an account on and watch ALL of BOF, then do extensive research on my one true Korean love, Kim HyunJoong and track down an english-subbed version of “Playful Kiss”.
Furthermore, I think I will cry at least 9 times before this very first episode is over. Seeing as we plan to have an all nighter to watch as many episodes as we watch before she goes home, I suspect this will only be the start of draining my tear-ducts. Oh well, it’s so amazing that I don’t really care how much I cry or how unattractive I’ll look tomorrow, I just want to watch ALL THE K-DRAMAS! And lust of Kim HyunJoong’s gorgeous face. *drool*


Death Note Marathon… and Pizza

Death Note Marathon... and Pizza

So I had two of my girlies over to watch all three “Death Notes” (Well, the two “Death Notes” and the L spin-off). I swear I cried a bajillion times. These movies are sooooo good! Ok, they portray criminals in a very black and white way and so it’s impossible to empathise with them, but watching Light disintegrate into what he despises is *nearly* heartbreaking. What IS heartbreaking though, well- what broke my heart into a million billion pieces to watch, is L. I swear if I ever meet a man like L I’d marry him on the spot, PROPOSE to him even! L is amazing. So amazing… *sob*


Library Put up the Christmas Tree

ImageYou know shit be getting be getting real when the librarians have put up the Christmas Tree! My family won’t be in Singapore for Christmas Day so we’re not putting up our tree tomorrow as we normally would, instead we have this tiny ass (it’s seriously about 40cm tall) mini plastic Christmas Tree… I don’t think we have any decorations that will fit on it… oh well, we’ll make it work! šŸ˜›

What else is there to say?

Oh yeah! This time last week I got stood up. Ha! True story. I guess the whole thing was a bit dodgy from the start… it was supposed to be a “blind date” with this guy I’ve been chatting to online for over a year now. But he cancelled last minute… oh well šŸ˜›




Wow, whoops I didn’t post this… now it’s like… 9 hours later. Oh dear.

Photo on 2012-11-30 at 14.39



Thank God It’s Friday! Today is going really well! I’ve missed English and TOK! Now I’m in Chemistry, just got my highest score yet on the last test! How exciting! It’s the last day of November and all through the school there’s this sense of anticipation, only 10 more wake-ups until holidays! On top of only having one class today (Friday is my best day, I don’t have a period 5 today!), that being Chemistry, I made Mr. Asshole feel guilty about yesterday and heĀ apologisedĀ  I’m on a bit of a high right now!

“Death Note” marathon later tonight! Woop, woop!

Last Post For Tonight!

Thursday is nearly over! Thank goodness, not a moment too soon! Have to cut 15 words out of one essay, then submit it to TurnItIn then I can sleep! Half hour sleep in tomorrow thanks to the doctors! Gotta count your blessings! šŸ˜€

Going to be missing English and PSHCE, what a loss… not. Don’t get me wrong, I love school, I really, really do. I live to study, learning is a passion of mine, but if I had to see Mr. Asshole for an entire hour and a bit tomorrow I think I’d have to punch something… or him so:

ImageI’m pretty sure my posts are getting inane now so I really should go and justĀ finish tonight’s work and go to bed. Bed sounds really nice. Knowing me though, I’ll procrastinate (IB kids put the PRO in PROcrastinate haha) and wait until nearly 3am before I pass out on my bed. I just don’t have the endurance I used to! Once upon a time, staying up until 2am was natural, for some reason it’s now becoming a struggle… I guess turning 18 has really hit me hard, haha.

I have to bring in all my Movember donation moneys tomorrow…. and money for the Leavers Hoodies/Sweaters! I’m already so far under broke from putting all my spare cash into this Greece endeavor that I don’t have the money to pay charities, pay for Panto propsĀ or for my friend’s birthday party this weekend.


I’ll have to find a way to make this work… and I will, I’m an IB student for crying out loud!

Before I go, I just want to put up these last edits I made, these are more blog-centric than anything else and so are a bit out of place. OH WELL! šŸ˜€



“Elftheria i Thanatos” = “Freedom or Death”
It’s the Greek Motto šŸ™‚

Five Months Left To Go…

Five Months Left To Go...

IB EXAMS ARE IN MAY! I’m so close to the end I just want to be done with all this already!
Sorry- I took and edited a lot of photos today, so brace yourselves… more are coming (Y)


Buiface To My Rescue

Buiface To My Rescue

Buiface stayed at school with me until 6pm tonight to cheer me up after my crappy day. This picture is the result of her making me laugh mid-shot. Thank you, Buiface!


So I Had a Biology Test Today…


My HL Biology teacher is crazy. I have to admit, of the 7 (8 if you count CAS) teachers I have, he’s one of my all time faves. The above are legit questions he put in our “Kidney’s Test” today. Yeah, so I did quite well on this test I’m glad to say!


After all the drama tears, I’m happy to announce that today is almost over (for me at least!). NotĀ only that, but I get to miss English tomorrow (yay! Don’t have to see Mr. Asshole!!! Have to admit though, normally we get on… it’s just this stupid EE thing hanging between us…) because I’ll be in a doctors appointment.

You may wonder why I’d have the appointment in the morning and not the afternoon… well it’s simple. I’m having a “Death Note” marathon after school with a few girlfriends at my place. Just kidding, that’s not the real reason but it’s good enough in my opinion!

What else is there to say… I got bored after school today and so I bought a lot of food…


People, control your orgasms! I’m totally attractive, I know. Haha… not. I’m really going to miss this kind of food when I move to Australia for Uni, it’s going to be so damn strange to not be able to just walk down the road and buy $4 meals from the local hawker centre. Relatives and friends in Ozzie have assured me that thereĀ are indeed good “hawkers” over there, but I just can’t bring myself to believe it.

Anyway, so then I got bored again after I finished eating… so I started camera whoring (Y)


…And photo editing

The above is my failed attempt to make a “go cry emo kid” picture. I’m not very original I know, sorry if you were expecting something amazing.

What else to say? I don’t feel like going to bed just yet, even though I keep going semi-blind from looking at this damn laptop screen for so long… and my head is spinning… and my lips are cracking… and I can hardly think straight…Ā but I have that essay I wanted to start… so


Cute Quote I Found…


Extended Essay Drama


My English teacher is an asshole. Seriously. I am a GOOD STUDENT! I have only rarely ever handed in work late, soĀ why would he do this? Screw him! Ugh!! So my EE was due in last Wednesday and I did send it to him on time, but he didn’t get it. So I send it again. He didn’t get it again. So I told him I’d give him a hardcopy and went onto TurnItIn (theĀ plagiarism checker) to get the report (so proud! I got <0.01% plagiarism) printed with the essay to hand to him officially. I was supposed to give it to him today. But TurnItIn decided to muck up today (naturally) and for some reasonĀ isn’tĀ processing the essay, so I can’t get the report and therefore couldn’t get it to him. So what does he do?

He tries to humiliate me after he dismisses the class. Well… succeeds in, notĀ tries.

I don’t even know what the hell is wrong with this man. I meanĀ seriously! IB is stressful and I think I’m holding up pretty damn well under the circumstances. The computers screwed upĀ a lot this week (I don’t even know what I did wrong to invoke this karma -.-) and so he turns to me and accuses me ofĀ not doing the work.

How about weĀ back the f*** up here! This is my EXTENDED ESSAY! I don’t hand this in?Ā I don’t graduate. I don’t get a good grade on this?Ā I think I’ll try to end myself. So yeah, sure Mr. Asshole. IĀ totally am lying to you about this, I mean come on, look at myĀ abominableĀ track record. Of course you can’t take my freaking word for it.

The guy had me in tears in mereĀ seconds. I don’t even know what his deal is! So I stood up for myself- for once. He kept saying “oh I don’t want this to affect our relationship” and I replied “like hell this will! I’m not comfortable with you thinking I’m aĀ liar and aĀ deadline-dodger!” and he wouldn’t look at me. I mean, this is a genuine error. The fact that he would think, no, evenĀ consider for a mereĀ second that I would sink so low as to lie to hisĀ face about such an important piece of work just hits me so hard.


Anyway, I spent half an hour “cleaning myself up” because, oh-lucky-me, I am the type of gweilo- (Singaporean slang for “white person”, slightly derogatory but it’s no worse than calling someone a bitch…)- that cries and goes red forĀ hours afterwards. I’m an ugly crier, so all the more my humiliation and anger turns on him because now I can’t even hide it.

So now I’m in Maths, I arrived half an hour late (lucky for me I’m slightly ahead of the class because I get Maths tuition- I suck so bad at Maths….. awwww sweet jaysus, I have Chemistry tuition tonight, I think I might just bawl when my tutor shows up). I don’t know what to say to my Maths teacher after class now… tell the truth and get in troubleĀ or pity, OR, lie and say I went to the nurse.


Decisions, decisions, decisions… At least I don’t have to see my English teacher tomorrow. Needless to say he’s put me in aĀ very shitty mood.

I’m so damn tired… this really is the last freaking thing I need right now.

I just need to survive a few more months.

Just a few more months until Greece.

Just a few more months.

I can do this.

For Greece.

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