Felt Creative After School Today

(As you’ll probably be able to tell, I don’t do Art as a subject…)

Yes, I got very bored… now I have this blog I’m afraid that I’ll never get work done again. Ugh. Anyway, I keep getting side-tracked by looking up stuff for Greece and I had something somewhat important to say and I keep forgetting it whenever I look at this screen…

So let me entertain you with more of my crappy drawings




I applied for another babysitting job! Friday nights anytime after 5pm! I know my head of year has some weird prejudice about me because apparently I’m too stressed out… huh… sure… whatever. But now I might just be getting a little extra money to go towards Greece!

Also I’m going to start helping out with Basketball by benching games for about $20 a game!

This is all getting exciting now, so many opportunities to earn money! Maybe I’m being too optimistic, too early… but I think I’ll soon be on the right track to be leaving for Greece in the high season (Mid-June to July)!

That’s right y’all…


So now I have exams coming up, about 5000 essays to hand in (jk, I’m a good student like that… I’m only behind on 2 essays. That being said that are my EE and TOK essays, which, if I fail or don’t hand it then I won’t graduate. Then I won’t be able to go to Greece. My life will fall to pieces and I’ll probably end up needing to live in a mental institute with a straight jacket…)

At least I have my dream of Greece to keep me going!



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