Extended Essay Drama


My English teacher is an asshole. Seriously. I am a GOOD STUDENT! I have only rarely ever handed in work late, so why would he do this? Screw him! Ugh!! So my EE was due in last Wednesday and I did send it to him on time, but he didn’t get it. So I send it again. He didn’t get it again. So I told him I’d give him a hardcopy and went onto TurnItIn (the plagiarism checker) to get the report (so proud! I got <0.01% plagiarism) printed with the essay to hand to him officially. I was supposed to give it to him today. But TurnItIn decided to muck up today (naturally) and for some reason isn’t processing the essay, so I can’t get the report and therefore couldn’t get it to him. So what does he do?

He tries to humiliate me after he dismisses the class. Well… succeeds in, not tries.

I don’t even know what the hell is wrong with this man. I mean seriously! IB is stressful and I think I’m holding up pretty damn well under the circumstances. The computers screwed up a lot this week (I don’t even know what I did wrong to invoke this karma -.-) and so he turns to me and accuses me of not doing the work.

How about we back the f*** up here! This is my EXTENDED ESSAY! I don’t hand this in? I don’t graduate. I don’t get a good grade on this? I think I’ll try to end myself. So yeah, sure Mr. Asshole. I totally am lying to you about this, I mean come on, look at my abominable track record. Of course you can’t take my freaking word for it.

The guy had me in tears in mere seconds. I don’t even know what his deal is! So I stood up for myself- for once. He kept saying “oh I don’t want this to affect our relationship” and I replied “like hell this will! I’m not comfortable with you thinking I’m a liar and a deadline-dodger!” and he wouldn’t look at me. I mean, this is a genuine error. The fact that he would think, no, even consider for a mere second that I would sink so low as to lie to his face about such an important piece of work just hits me so hard.


Anyway, I spent half an hour “cleaning myself up” because, oh-lucky-me, I am the type of gweilo- (Singaporean slang for “white person”, slightly derogatory but it’s no worse than calling someone a bitch…)- that cries and goes red for hours afterwards. I’m an ugly crier, so all the more my humiliation and anger turns on him because now I can’t even hide it.

So now I’m in Maths, I arrived half an hour late (lucky for me I’m slightly ahead of the class because I get Maths tuition- I suck so bad at Maths….. awwww sweet jaysus, I have Chemistry tuition tonight, I think I might just bawl when my tutor shows up). I don’t know what to say to my Maths teacher after class now… tell the truth and get in trouble or pity, OR, lie and say I went to the nurse.


Decisions, decisions, decisions… At least I don’t have to see my English teacher tomorrow. Needless to say he’s put me in a very shitty mood.

I’m so damn tired… this really is the last freaking thing I need right now.

I just need to survive a few more months.

Just a few more months until Greece.

Just a few more months.

I can do this.

For Greece.


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