Library Put up the Christmas Tree

ImageYou know shit be getting be getting real when the librarians have put up the Christmas Tree! My family won’t be in Singapore for Christmas Day so we’re not putting up our tree tomorrow as we normally would, instead we have this tiny ass (it’s seriously about 40cm tall) mini plastic Christmas Tree… I don’t think we have any decorations that will fit on it… oh well, we’ll make it work! 😛

What else is there to say?

Oh yeah! This time last week I got stood up. Ha! True story. I guess the whole thing was a bit dodgy from the start… it was supposed to be a “blind date” with this guy I’ve been chatting to online for over a year now. But he cancelled last minute… oh well 😛




Wow, whoops I didn’t post this… now it’s like… 9 hours later. Oh dear.

Photo on 2012-11-30 at 14.39


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