1, 2, 3, 4, I Declare a Gif War


What even. So much for working. I am currently engaged in a very amusing gif war with my friend… who is sat next to me. Anyway, the aim is to make the other person laugh and get caught by the teacher (but not really because then you’d both be in trouble for mucking around in class… ugh, teachers are so boring sometimes).

I actually gif-war a lot with my friends. Who can blame me? I have over 7,000 gifs (7,537 to be exact) saved from tumblr and around the interwebs…

Yeah, I didn’t have a life before I blogged. I have even less of a life now that I have a blog. Slave to my computer….

I’m not complaining through. I had an active imagination as a child, IB has sent me over into full on delusional. SO sitting in front of my laptop screen, I can convince myself that I am Jandi (except not as pathetic and annoying and plain ugh… OH and I’d make the right freaking decision and dry-hump Kim Hyun Joong 24/7), I can make myself believe that I am really a Princess stuck in a castle reading books all day and waiting for my Prince to come. Or I blog. Or I tumble. Or I watty* it up. Or I cry over my k-dramas…. or my homework/ state of my life/ lack of love life/ lack of chocolate in my room/ lack of ice cream/ lack of desire to change myself despite knowing I really should try more/ songs that describe me “perfectly”/ pictures of cute animals.

Yeah. Teenage hormones and shut-in lifestyle really don’t mix well.

* “Watty”- I have a Wattpad account (free creative writing site, I lived on there before I made this, so far I have completed one big piece of work: “Behind the Cherry Tree”, and have written multiple other short stories, writing has come to a standstill as of late because of my work…)

“Wattying” is the verb (that I made up) for being online/ writing on Wattpad.

My Wattpad Account is MentalMozart (I’m not being arrogant, I just couldn’t think of a good username that wasn’t already taken and I happened to be listening to Natasha Beddingfield’s “No Mozart” at the time… love that song!!) If you’re interested in the crappy little teenage love stories that I write, then please check me out! I want to hit 100 fans before 2013… not likely but who knows!!!)


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