Tired in TOK


Ew, it’s that time of week again. TOK. With the Barlinator. I’m supposed to be starting the actual writing of this essay… I still haven’t done a completed structural plan (unbeknownst to my teacher). I swear, TOK is the one lesson I really can’t be bothered for. I already do HL Philosophy for crying out loud! TOK is just a chance for snobby teachers to think they are more sophisticated than they really are.

Take my TOK teacher for example. She is a grade A patronising elderly fart. We are all under the (justified and true) belief that she only has 2 outfits total in her wardrobe. I can’t stand her. She played a role in the Head Girl thing so you can’t really blame me (I suppose I should get over that… I just sound like a whiny bitch, oh well). All the Barlinator (my “affectionate” nickname for her) does is tout her opinion, promote post-modernist thoughts (<– and not in a good way) and shove her way of thinking down our throats.

I’ve tried being nice to her, I’ve tried to bring up my knowledge of philosophy in class. There are only 3 people (including me) in my Philosophy class, 2 of us are in the same TOK class so when I finally gave up being nice and stood up to her, trying to express our own opinions (dear lord the few weeks we studied “the Arts” as a WOK made everyone see red in class) it ended in a royal screaming match, 2 to 1. It was quite cathartic might I add, to finally yell at this woman from across a table, to wipe that smug, self-righteous expression from her face- even if only for a moment.

So yeah, I see her every Monday and Friday. Ugh, could you plan worse timing? Monday and Friday are already too close in the week, why add another reason to make Sunday nights more depressing! Oh well. I should really crack on with the essay, it’s due in 9 days and if I don’t hand it in I’ll fail…

For any IB-ers out there, I’m doing question 5:
” ‘That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence ‘ Christopher Hitchens, Do you agree?”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. karim
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 09:18:17

    i do the same question n not started yet


    • caitiecakes
      Dec 19, 2012 @ 09:57:01

      I’ve written and handed in my first draft, I’m convinced I did terribly on it… *Sigh* I’ll find out in January and then re-write it as best I can :/ GOOD LUCK!! (Y)


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