I Love My Philosophy Teacher

Ok. Time to calm the fuck down. I’m ok now. I’m ok, I’m ok, I’m ok.

Alright, fine I cried like a baby when my Philosophy teacher took me out to talk with her, but that isn’t the point. The point is, she’s amazing.


I told her all about Mr. Asshole and my encounter with Head Asshole and she just said everything I needed to hear. She’s always there for me when I need her, I really don’t think I’d survive IB without her.

She’s so interesting to talk to. Her life is so interesting and when you get her in a debate or talking about something she loves (so in philosophy it’s pretty much everything) then we have a blast in class.

She was the teacher who took me under her wing after the Head Girl debacle. She is the teacher that I go to whenever I can’t deal with anything. I work with her in my 20/20 project and am really, really, really going to miss her when I leave for Uni.

There are very few teachers I can say that about to be perfectly honest. Hmm, can I list them?

  • My Philosophy Teacher
  • My Old Classics Teacher
  • My Assistant Head of Year/ Old Chinese Teacher
  • Oh! My Old Chemistry Teacher (this guy, dear lord, he’s amazing. South African, wicked sense of humour, sooo much fun in class!)
  • My Biology Teacher
  • (I never had him as a teacher but…) Mr. G-Money, new Head of Music

Yeah. I think that’s it. I don’t even want to try and list the teachers I can’t wait to never see again… the list might be too long… Well, not really. That’s being a bit overdramatic. Let’s see:

  • Head of Year
  • Mr. Asshole
  • TOK Teacher
  • Chemistry Teacher
  • I don’t really know his role in the school… but I think he’s the Head of Senior…? Mr. T -.-

Yeah, well you might think this list isn’t all too long, but let’s be honest, I’m only putting the top of the top most disliked teachers in my school there…

Anyway! That’s not the point of this post. The point is: my Philosophy Teacher is a life saver.

I wonder if she’ll let me add her on Facebook after I graduate? I mean, we have talked about teachers and ex-students becoming friends on Facebook and all agreed it’s slightly weird, but I so desperately want to keep her in my life.

None of my Facebook posts are offensive or rude or shocking in any way. I don’t get drunk, so there’s no photos of that up, I don’t hook up with people, so there aren’t any TMI photos, I don’t give out my password or leave my Facebook open so I don’t get fraped (often…). Hopefully she’ll agree to let me…

So yeah, we just talked it out. I cried, let it all out and calmed down. Crying itself isn’t bad, I mean, it’s cathartic and relieving. My only problem is that it shows weakness (well, it doesn’t but I don’t like crying in public if I can help it… watching movies in the cinema is the only exception to this… well, that and funerals or memorial services obviously.)

On top of that, I am an ugly cryer- something I’m pretty sure I’ve brought up before…

So yeah, look at my picture and I’m sure you’ll agree, crying is best done in private or with friends that know me very well (haha).

How do I recover? Distract myself. I’ve downloaded another 5 korean songs to listen to (normally I just listen to them on youtube, but youtube is banned so I bought them) :

  • Lucifer- SHINee
  • Warrior- B.A.P.
  • NalinA- Block B
  • Hello Hello- FT Island
  • Mr. Simple- Super Junior

Also wrote this and finished my ribena. I need to write up my Philosophy Personal Statement at some point today… don’t know when seeing as I don’t stop at all until about 6:30pm (which is nearly 8 hours away…)

I’m in a better mood now. Feeling a lot calmer.

Just as well seeing as the bell just went.

English Lit now.

With Mr. Asshole.

Wish me luck! (Y)


How much I’ve recovered from crying since I started writing this post! Yay!


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