Streetcar Named *KILL ME NOW*


So I just finished my first piece of homework for the night- English is all completed now so Mr. Asshole now can’t yell at me tomorrow, it’s up to my classmate to hand that in now so yay! (Y)

Now to do my Philosophy, I think I’ll post it up here when I’m done- just to give me a goal, I’m becoming so unmotivated…. *sigh*

Oh! I’ve returned the movies. I need to go buy the “Death Note” trilogy now. :3

But I haven’t done the Christmas Presentation, but that can wait I suppose. At this rate I reckon I’ll be sleeping in my first period free tomorrow…. ewwww Thursday again, that means basketball before schoooooooool, whyy!!

I think I don’t have Chemistry again tomorrow… not sure, but if I don’t then yipee! Haha! So potentially I have 2 free periods tomorrow, this will be very exciting!

Christmas Concert on Friday Night! It’ll be my very last time performing at the gorgeous St. George’s Church. I’m not in any way religious, but that church… I’ve been going there for school events for as long as I can remember. I’ve had solos, choir performances, a capella performances, readings and flag carrying gigs there.

St. George's in the Sunset

St. George’s in the Sunset


Inside the Church

Inside the Church

So, yeah, that’ll be bittersweet. This year has been full of sweet and bittersweet moments. It’s my last year in school-school, I mean, next stop is the University Bus and that’s some scurry shiz… Everything that I’m used to, all my annual routines are coming to an end and it’s so strange! To sit here and type that I’ll never sing with the choir ever again at Kranji War Memorials or at St. George’s Christmas Concerts? Weird. Downright bizarre.

I don’t like this “growing up” thing.

Where’s Peter Pan when you need him, huh?

What else… so yeah, Sixth Form is ending. On a more positive note- I MISS THE ENTIRE SCHOOL DAY ON FRIDAY!! Rehearsals, hella yeaaaaaah! Hahaha. Plus it’s a St. George’s Concert, which invariably means MCDONALDS FOR LUNCH!! WOO!

It’s tradition, once you’re old enough to phone and order food for yourself, you buy McDonald’s at rehearsals for St. George’s. Heeheehee. We’re not supposed to but we’re rebels. 😉

So that’s Friday night. I’m going out with my family to commemorate it being my last year in the choir, I’m bringing one of my closest girlies too because she needs some girl time and we’ll probably get ice cream and watch a chick-flick if she sleeps over. I’m looking forwards to it!

Saturday Night is the double Carolling Night. Yikes, despite all odds I have a group to go carrolling! Yay! So both singing gigs are covered, what hasn’t been decided yet though, is which charity we’re going to support. Ooops. Haha, I slight oversight, we can fix that later 😛

Yeah, this should be pretty smooth sailing from here on out… Just have to survive basketball tomorrow morning, then English (ugh) and then 6th period Maths (<– WHAT KIND OF SADIST DOES THAT???)… then I have tuition after school. Should be a good day! 🙂


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