I am so tired. I keep procrastinating. WHYYY!! D:

I need to do an English Presentation + Notes to be handed in tonight, I need to do a Philosophy “Personal Statement”, I need to return a movie, I need to start properly revising (exams in 6 months! D: ahhhh, run for your liiiiiiiiives!), what else… oh yeah, I need to make a Christmas Presentation (and buy some stuff) for the Christmas Party next week…

Ok, ok, I get it, it doesn’t sound like much, but you know those moods where you really can’t be bothered to do *anything*… *anything at all*? Yeah, that’s me, right now.

*cough* most of the time *cough cough*

Anyway, yeah, I’m so lazy today. I honestly can’t even be bothered to raise my arms… or get my headphones out so I can listen to music…. what. is. life. ugh.

I just want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Is that so much to ask? Awww, shucks, great, now it’s raining too. I can’t be bothered with this shizz… :/

In 6 months I will be doing exams that will define what Uni I can get into… In 7ish(?) months, I will have graduated from the school I’ve attended for 14 years… I will have to enter the *big, wide, real world*…. fml.

NEXT YEAR I GO TO GREECE! (<– *There*! Finally! Motivation! Hahaha)



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