Crashing in Biology

Ok, ok, ok, I was feeling alright in my free… got absolutely nothing done because I went on tumblr (apparently- in the matter of one hour I managed to reach my blog limit- impossible!! I mean, I’ve done it before and all but lordy exceeding my limit?? In an hour? No, I couldn’t have possibly reblogged that much!! D:).

My tumblr (in case you’re wondering) :

^ It’s for my own entertainment so there are no depressing (or very very few… maybe from a year ago) pictures/gifs. Mainly it’s funny stuff, cute stuff, Kim Hyun Joong stuff, Kim Hyun Joong stuff, Kim Hyun Joong stuff… you get the idea 😀

Back to the main subject…

I just made two of my classmates “fight to the death” over my textbook. Chimmercharlie won. I think I’m going to get bruises from where they shoved me out of the way 😛

ANYWAY. In Biology now, we have to design another IA, I swear I have done sooo many of these, I should be done, I mean, come on there has to be at least 2 sets of “2” on each section, I’ve exceeded the number of IAs I needed to hand in already! My longest one is…15 pages? 16 pages long? I can’t be bothered to do anymore… Ugh. IB. Why?

Starting to feel the gentle tug of tiredness on my eyes. The sun is just too damn bright and complaining is my only option. (Y)



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