Morning Peeps

Morning Peeps

Hiya everyone! Sunday Morning…. ugh, going to have to cram all my work in today…

TOK and Philosophy are priority…

Then afterwards I want to make Christmas Cupcakes because I miss making them :3

So last night was the double carolling gig, there will photos up soon. We raised a combined total of nearly SG$800! Still haven’t decided which charity to donate to but we’ll figure it out…

It’s a bit late but WE’RE DECORATING OUR TREE TODAY!! Wooo! Originally we thought we’d be away for Christmas and so we bought the world’s smallest tree (I swear, it’s probably about 45cm tall…), but then we couldn’t get the flights so mum went out and bought a REAL TREE!! We don’t usually get real trees because it’s Singapore and we’re never really around and plastic trees last longer… (duh) haha

So yeah, that arrived yesterday and I’m waiting for mum and my sister to get home so we can decorate it! 😀

Hope you’re all feeling the Christmas Love being spread! 😀



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