The Wu-ster

The Wu-ster

So I came into Chinese and complained about my sister stealing my lunch money and my teacher turns around and let me use her computer to access the student database and track down my sister’s timetable, then actually *leave class* to go find her and get it back… only she didn’t have it.

When my teacher learned of this, she ran out and brought me back crackers (and chocolate for the whole class!)

I swear, sometimes this woman drives me crazy, but honestly she has a heart of gold.


Only Philosophy left today, then basketball, then I have to do my TOK essay and then I’ll be more or less free. OH WAIT I still have to do CAS Reflections…


It never ends. It’s not terrible though, I’d hardly call this week a week worth complaining about…

But I will anyway because I have nothing better to do! šŸ™‚

Had a little chat about donating the $800 to charity with the CAS Director, apparently the Cambodia Charity needs some money so the money will probably go into that.

Spreading good cheer and love to all the world! šŸ™‚

Merry Christmas All! šŸ˜€



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