Candycanes in Chinese


Today has taken a remarkable turn for the better! 🙂

School generally has this effect on me, which is why I love going to school so much!! 😀

So Biology was alright, just tumbled for an hour. Walked up to Chinese and wooooo!

My old Lao Shi (teacher) was cleaning up her GCSE Chinese Party and gave me the last cup of Coke, hurhurhur, feel like a badass, fizzy drinks before it’s even 10am!! Haha!


Then our current Lao Shi came in with candycanes, chocolate and a christmas card (my first of the season!) for each of us, as well as ‘Jingle Bells’ in Chinese. We all had a cute little sing-a-long… then she dropped 3 giant-ass holiday homework booklets on us. *Sigh*


Oh well, we’re having a pretty chill lesson and today is starting to look up. I think I might skip English….. I don’t want Mr. Asshole to bring my mood down today… Hmmmm, choices, choices…



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