Not Much Left To Go

Not Much Left To Go

So I’m in Chemistry (grumble grumble) and have Philosophy after this… I feel like I’m always in Philosophy when I’m blogging. I mean, I’m always “on my way to”, “in”, or “just had” Philosophy… Oh well.

So yeah, just had a “productive” lunch… was supposed to do my TOK but didn’t get any done. *sigh*

20/20 is causing problems but it’s nothing that isn’t fixable with a little bit of compromise.

I don’t think I can be bothered with school anymore. I’m honestly so done. I’m over this. I’m ready to go home and sleep until I die…

Still have CAS to do, a new Philosophy draft, and my TOK (shoot me)… due in this week.

Over the holidays I need to accomplish:
– Biology Design IA
– Chemistry Design IA
– The Hulking Mountain of Chinese Speaking Prep
– World Lit Essay
– TOK Corrections
– Revision for all my subjects

What else do I have to do? Life? I don’t want to.

I have basketball afterschool… then I have to go home and deal with the fall out of the car ride with dad this morning.

Ugh. I so can’t be bothered. Then Chemistry Tuition tonight. I am just far too laden with knowledge to learn much more. I’m a sponge already too far soaked up… ah english cannot speak it.



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