Dinnertime Drama

Wow. Dinner. Aishhh.

Just got home, I completely forgot that I was going out tonight for one of the girls I babysit’s 5th birthday!

She’s such a handful. She has two other siblings. Dear. Lord.

The eldest girl is a dream, we played hangman and she had me stumped pretty much every round. She made me guess words like: neurosurgery. She’s 8. Seriously. She’s such a wonderful kid. I’m going back to their house on Sunday to bake with them and I promised the eldest that I’d watch “A Series of Unfortunate Events” with her because she’s just started reading the series today.

Her two younger siblings on the other hand. Phwoarrr. The parents happily chatted away over their meals while I chased down the youngest, tried to make her eat with manners, tried to get their son to be quiet and patient.

I was playing two simultaneous games of hangman AS WELL AS some bizarre game that the youngest made up as she went along…

Then the son tried to blow out the candles on her cake before she could (which is what he did at the eldest’s birthday two months ago…)

I felt so bad for the waiters… oh well. Crazy, crazy night.

It was like being in the middle of a circus, but at the same time it wasn’t *terrible*, as long as I kept saying “Greece” as a mantra to myself, I could get through it.

The family really is the sweetest family ever, the children are just still a bit young. Their son is the one I have to teach how to love reading. The eldest girl I have to read with so that her english pronunciation is good. Their youngest… well, I just hang around as her source of entertainment.

I’ve babysat for them quite a few times before and they let me host my party at their house, so really, looking after their kids for one night is the least I can do to repay their kindness.

Plus I enjoyed dressing up for the dinner. Now I have to go get my Jocasta outfit together! Might be able to get a photo up… otherwise you’ll have to wait until one of my friends posts some Facebook photos that I can copy across! πŸ™‚




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