It’s Happened Again…







To Know


When to Stop…

So I scrambled together an Ancient Greek costume, then youtubed make up and hair etc, make up seems easy enough (despite me being perfectly make-up-retarded) but the hair… sheeesh, I don’t like other people playing with my hair, why would I bother styling it?

Well… Two hours later and I’m still fumbling around with it but it looks somewhat decent… Then I decided to wrap this all up and go to bed (I decided this around half midnight… it’s now nearly 1:20am), but first, photos!

So here you go… there are tons more than these, the edited ones above are just the best ones I pulled from the long line of selfies in my photobooth now. Dear goodness, I never self-ied before, now I’m constantly selfy-ing. What is happening to me?! Haha!

Hope you all enjoy! 🙂


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