Paying the Sleep Debt

Paying the Sleep Debt

Shattered. Wiped out. Absolutely exhausted.

The Panto was soooo good!! I didn’t screw up my lines BUT the teachers put the whip cream in the pie pastry too early so it went really soggy, when I picked it up to smash it in the teacher’s face it nearly broke in two, but it was alright, I still got it smashed! 😛

On my way off the stage I slipped a little, didn’t fall, but it was a little embarrassing- but I suppose it just goes towards the humour of it all though.

I am so content, everything went well. My whole year group is definitely in for a about the Panto though… apparently we bro bollocking ke a few house rules big time :S

Oh well, had lunch with the sister dearest, had a look around the mall then came home to have a small rest. Now I’m heading out for some Christmas Shopping and a sleepover at Chimmercharlie’s. I’m so tired!

Ok, I have to go now, hopefully I’ll be able to put some photos of the Panto up soon! AND MAYBE a comparison photo so you can all see how accurate my costume was (I had people coming up left, right and centre telling me I looked just like her, haha, felt good I have to admit!)



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