Talk About Stuffing Up…


Well, today has gotten off to a fabulous start now hasn’t it?

My sister and I were supposed to be up, dressed and ready to leave for a “Family Christmas Shopping Expedition” by 10am-ish. We woke up near 12pm. Safe to say we’re in a lot of trouble right now. Parents have yet to return. Ughhhh.

If it’s any consolation, at least we now have the parent’s Christmas Presents situation under control. They’ll probably come home and rage at us for about an hour, most likely reduce one of us to tears at some point, but that’s life… Anyhow, I’m picking mum’s present up tomorrow when (IF) I go out with my girlfriend…

Dad’s present is a little more complicated, although it sounds simple enough…

Basically, in the midst of yet another sisterly fight this morning (consisting of shouting, calling names, and actually throwing things at each other) over what to get dad for Christmas, I remembered something.

When we were younger, around 8 years old maybe? He used to make us listen to a radio show from the Vietnam War while we ate breakfast. The show was called “Chickenman”, I genuinely quite liked it, along with his other choice of radio shows like “The Goon Show”.

Anyway, a few months ago we were in the car and he mentioned that he wanted all the volumes of “Chickenman”.


So I jumped on my computer and looked it up and found all 12 volumes on iTunes for a grand total of ~$204. Between three sisters, splitting 6 volumes for Christmas and 6 for his birthday and I’m only looking at spending $34!!!!

It’s pure brilliance! As it’s my last Christmas living at home I don’t want to give dad something half assed that he doesn’t really want, but he does want “Chickenman”! So my little sister and I are going to get the iTunes vouchers in the airport when we go to New Zealand (because you can’t buy vouchers in Singapore). I’ve already emailed my big sister asking if she wants in and she’s up for it so yay!!

Still gonna get in a ton of trouble when they come home, but at least we’re not in trouble and clueless as to how to fix the situation! Silver lining, anyone?

Better start revising though. Last night I made a timetable for January (mocks) and May (exams), making the January one my laptop background so that I can scare myself into action. Let’s just say it’s working, I feel nervous every time I open my laptop.


Mocks Schedule


Exam Schedule

Time to crack down and revise people!! 😀



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