After All That Excitement…


…Back to this tired old crap. Ugh. What is life. IB, WHY?

*Sigh* I suppose it’s not all bad, I mean, “Streetcar” is actually really fun to study, and we’ve only just started to read “Warren’s” but so far I’m enjoying it. It’s funny how annoying it is when you can’t genuinely complain about something because underneath the show you put on, you do actually enjoy the thing you’re whinging about… Surely I’m not the only one to experience that?

Oh well, time to get revising hard again. Tuition soon, again- I’d like to say shoot me, but I really think my tutor is a pretty cool guy, he certainly makes Maths form some kind of sense in my mind. It’s times like these when I question myself as to why the hell I actually thought I was capable of doing Maths SL at IB?!?!?!??!

With 6 months to go before exams, I really shouldn’t be complaining about my subject choices, but I won’t let that stop me.



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