Revising in the Library

Photo on 2012-12-18 at 11.54

Not a minute too soon to get out of the damn house. Mum tried to pick a fight with me this morning, ugh. So glad to be away from that place.

I’m no longer allowed to talk about Greece at home… which means they can no longer think I have this blog (or that I update it at least). It frustrates me no end that they don’t understand the point of this blog.

This is where I get the strength to go through another day of school and force myself to smile at teachers who make my blood boil. This is where I find the desire to actually *pass* school at the end of the year.

Sixth Form has been such a wake up and it feels like the entire world (as I know it, at least) has shifted under my feet. I’ve had a lot of my dreams crushed under the indifferent steamroller of school, found things out about myself and my family that have irrevocably distorted how I feel about them, and perhaps most importantly: I’ve found a new dream.

I need to keep moving forwards, I can’t afford to wallow on the past and although I often *do*, I try to see the silver lining.

School is hell, Greece is my motivation.

Why don’t my parents understand that??


I guess it’s back to the books. Growing up can be such a bitch… that’s life though I suppose.



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