In Zeelund

Oh hei all!

I tried to post something at the airport last night but I guess it didn’t post :S (sorrrryyyyy)

I’m not on my laptop right now so no photo either, I’ll try and fix that in later posts (Y)

Anyway, guess the world didn’t end afterall? Haha (SUCH a relief :P)

Moving on, the day so far has been lovely, the weather out here is gorgeous- it’s going to get pretty bad though, we have gale force winds coming up on Sunday so we’ll be crashing at a friend’s house most likely! (Photo opportunity!!)

I’m spending this time revising but most importantly I FINALLY STARTED READING “NEVERMORE”!!!! I packed “Nevermore” in my luggage and brought “Angel” with me, thinking that I hadn’t read it. I had. Yeah. That was a boring 10 hours of revision on the plane (:P). But now I’m on dry land… well, not in the sky at least (haha)- and I’ve started reading the very last Maximum Ride Book! YAY! I’m loving it so far, I don’t want it to end but at the same time I’ve been dying to read the latest book (and I know my friends have been dying to talk about it in public for a LONG time now haha)!!

So yeah, New Zealand is lovely. Did some food shopping with mum (SO MUCH CRAP FOOD- HOORAH!), dad’s currently revising his sailing skills and I only have about 2 minutes now on the internet so I better go. I’ll blog again (hopefully) later, but it’s more likely that I’ll be blogging again tomorrow!

Wish I could write more… hmm, I saw a few cute guys at the airport, nearly talked to one but my parents were there and I was minding the bags… Still hoping to find a cute boater boy (hurhurhur, wish me luck!!)

Talk to you later!!


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