Got internet on my laptop again!!! YAY!!! As you can probably see, my sunburn is phenomenal.

Hang on, let me show you my “best” sunburn:


Best Watch-Tan EVER!

Yeah, fabulous isn’t it?

Mhmmmm, it’s a lot redder in person.

I need to do revision, which is what I’m supposedly doing now… 😛

IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE EVE!!! I have absolutely no presents (Y)

It’s a first, I must admit. My sister has bought more things than I have for once! It’s really strange, normally I’m the one that’s easy to buy for and my mum and sister are infuriatingly impossible to shop for… but nope. Haha. I suppose it’s easy to shop for my sister though when we look through stores full of (slutty) clothes that my sister adores… She loves all those teeny tiny, itty bitty clothes, all the “in style” patterns and prints. I swear I’ve never seen her wear something that her friends don’t wear. *Sigh* Not my life, not my choice.

So yeah, revision. I need to read “Warren’s Profession” still, then do my Bio, Chem, and Philo revision. IB. I hate it.

Smoothly onto the topic of hot boys…

I threw a bit of a tantrum (not a scary throw-yourself-on-the-floor-like-a-two-year-old type on, it was more of a funny jumping-up-and-down-screaming-without-making-a-sound), I’ll be honest when we walked off the boat this morning to go shopping and visit friends (where we are now, hallelujah for internet).

One of the FITTEST GUYS YOU’VE EVER SEEN walked RIGHT PAST me and our eyes met and sparks flew and then we had to keep walking and UGHHHHHHH!!!! (FYI: that’s when I started jumping up and down on the walkway), WHY DO I HAVE SUCH CRAP TIMING!!!

Didn’t stop me from checking out his cute behind… and which boat lot was his (only a few down from ours 😉 hurhurhur), he –fingers crossed- will still be there tomorrow. We’re spending the night here at the friend’s house. I’m not friends with any of them… mum’s friends with the mum, dad’s friends with the dad, and my little sister is friends with the younger girl here. The only one my age? A guy. A cute guy. A cute guy that’s a few months older than me. A cute guy that’s a few months older than me and NOT. HOME. -.-

My timing. My luck. Why me?


I’m loving staying on the boat, I’m rocking as I sit right now, boat sway.

What else? There’ll be more photos of the trip up after I get back… maybe… I’m pretty crap at uploading photos (just ask my schoolmates…)

I’ve run out of things to say… so yeah, byee! Hahaha

A photo from last night to catch you all up:



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