Tin Spaaaaaaghetti!


Okay, not the most attractive photo, but whatever! I haven’t had tin spaghetti since the last time I went sailing at Easter! I love this stuff :3

Rocking out to “Sexy and I Know It”, best way to start the day, eh? 🙂

We have found an internet source. We have called it “The Dongle”, I don’t know what it’s really called, I just worship the wood it touches on the table.

Goodness the wind is high today! Crazy loud, whistling through the masts of the boats moored here. No sun, but it’s still bright outside, the sky is pretty much white bordering on grey, but it’s not cold. It’s cooler when the wind hits you, but other than that it’s pretty nice weather!

In other news, the sunburn on my nose is starting to peel… yup, I look stunning right now (Y)

Ooooh! It’s just started raining! It’s not noisy, at all… it’s so weird! Singapore rain is like golf balls of water hitting the ground pretty damn hard, here? It’s like snowflakes…

Yeah, I need to go revise now. I should blog a bit more later, we’re visiting my Godmother, we’ll be staying at hers tonight!




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