Jet Lag. Why.


Ughhhhhh, went to bed at 3am… New Zealand time. Here? 3am is only a mere 10pm. Then I couldn’t sleep. Much. I think my aircon is broken… again. Perfect timing. Oh well…

Then at 5am (here) I woke up… looked at the clock and decided “what the hell” and tried to go back to sleep. Two useless hours later I go downstairs to see that my whole family is already awake and watching “Pirates of the Caribbean 3”.

Yup. Casual day here. To be honest, 7am here is 12pm for those on New Zealand clock’s.

Today is going to be one loooooooooong day.

I mean, right now I’m so awake it’s not funny. I feel like the Energizer Bunny. But last night? Last night I was so tired that I felt physically sick. Body clocks are so annoying…


…Oh good lawd, what is the time difference between here and Greece??? I think I might have to postpone my travels for a few days when I arrive to just be able to get the heck out of bed. More problems that I’d forgotten to take into account. Sheeeeesh.

I suppose the silver lining is if I can keep waking up “naturally” at 7am-ish then I’ll not be late for school!! Haha.

Might try to get some revision done, OR I’ll go see friends. Guess which one is more likely to happen? Haha.


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