Wow. What a night. So glad I spent New Years party hopping (EEEEEEEE!!) with my girlies. Seeing as this is my last New Years before I graduate, I reckon I spent it pretty damn well.

I feel so icky though haha. The more I wake up the better I feel but I still have to face the rest of today on very, very little sleep.

Aaaaaaaaaaand… we have to hide the McDonalds somewhere so we can smuggle it into the bin without my mum noticing.

I’m going to go pig out now (again) on some croissants and pain au chocolats to celebrate the NEW YEAR!!!!


2013 is my first year of “officially” being an adult. I graduate this year and with any luck I’ll be going to Greece this year and I ALSO will be applying to University. Scurry Shit, haha.

Anyway, I genuinely do wish that you all have a wonderful New Year. Every cloud has a silver lining. Don’t give up, yada yada yada! 🙂

YAY 2013!!



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