Don’t Wanna Run

Don't Wanna Run

It’s 2:30am. I’m so not tired. What is this. School’s back on Tuesday and I’m so unprepared. My own fault but you won’t hear me say THAT out loud haha.

Just got home from a surprise birthday party for a girlie of mine. She’s such a sweetie and we all love her! (Yes, Wangster, I’m talking about you!)

Anyway, we all dressed “smasually” for the event and went to “hide”… but not before I got lost about 3 times.

We all had a lovely dinner then headed to Orchard Road to have follow up drinks… SHOTS OF WATER FOR MEEEE! Hardcore right here.

Wangster and Nataree gave me my Christmas prezzie, which I wore for the rest of the night, only taking it off to get home so that I didn’t get TOO many weird looks. On a normal day I wouldn’t have a problem with getting weird looks, I’m used to it.

But I was to be sharing a cab with a guy friend and I’m not sure if he’s as comfortable with being a spectacle as I am, haha.

Also- the worn item just so happened to be an awesome purple-lacy-with-black-and-white-polka-dotties bra. Score. Haha!

I will miss Singapore so much. I have the bestest friends a girl could wish for, wouldn’t trade them for the world. It’ll be tough when we all vanish to our different corners of the Earth.

The Wangster is a gorgeous girl, inside and out (I swear it’s impossible to get a BAD photo of her -.-). She is so calm and composed ALL THE TIME! She isn’t superhuman, she doesn’t pretend to be, which just makes her more wonderful. I don’t know how she holds herself the way she does, I’m quite envious. I’ve never seen her mad at someone or in a fight. No-one has a bad word to say about her, she just walks with this glow of loveliness about her that’s impossible to ignore, impossible to NOT be drawn to.

We told the bar guy (where we had drinks) that it was her birthday, and he gave us a free mixer of coke. Sweet guy, haha. We all played drinking games (me with water though, because I’m a sad git like that haha) until about 1 in the morning before heading home.

I have to run in the morning. Shoot me. I don’t want to run. FML. (Oh dear- yet another first world problem…). NIGHT! 🙂



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