Surviving the School Day

Photo on 2013-01-08 at 14.00

Sitting in Chemistry. Wow, talk about deja vu. Just got our tests back (FINALLY- only took her, what, 2 months? There’s only 8 in the class and the test is 13 questions long. Really putting herself out there. Wow.)

Anyway, the schoolday so far has been pretty cool! It’s nice to see my friends again and to be surrounded by people that make me laugh. Even the teacher’s seem to be relaxed. I didn’t feel like killing Mr. Asshole in English today! What an achievement! 😀

Philosophy was pretty good, going back to that class soon. Then I have basketball, have to be honest, knowing how unfit I am, I’m not looking forwards to it at all. I’m actually a little nervous! *Sigh* oh well, it can’t be avoided.

OMG just realised. I have tuition tonight. Gawd. Oh gawd. I completely forgot. I refuse to let this dampen my mood. Tuesdays are always ridiculously long days for me. Do not get shitty now. Not after I’ve had a pretty good day so far. Tuesday is Tuesday. Take it as it comes. One thing at a time. Ughhhhhhh.


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