Herro Again Biology


Still surprisingly upbeat today! Haven’t quite sent off the Grant application yet, but it’s mostly done… I want to get my mum to read it first.

My uncle arrives tomorrow! I’m also waiting/ hoping my tutor will cancel again tonight. He cancelled on me on Tuesday, then again yesterday on another student… so maybe he’ll still be too sick today? With any luck? (It’s only a sore throat people, don’t go giving me that you’re-horrible-for-wishing-sickness-on-this-guy-who’s-helping-you look. Yeah you, I can see you there. Stahp.)

Anyway. Nothing much exciting has happened today other than I got an email from Barlinator saying that we DON’T HAVE TOK TOMORROW! WOO! YAY! 😀

But the downside of that is that she’s not giving us back out TOK draft essays until after Mocks… that’s 3 weeks away people. This is not good. That sadistic bitch is cutting into our sweet, sweet time to correct our essays. They need to be **IN** by early Feb… the later she leaves giving it back to us, the less time we have to correct it and try our best to gain that extra damn point. I need that point. If I don’t get minimum two points I swear I’ll murder Barlinator and Mr. Asshole in their sleep.

I am genuinely scared about my EE grade but whatever. What can you do. Nothing. Just move onto the next deadline drama. It’s done and in and gathering dust.

My friend just licked my shirt.


I think I should leave it there.



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