4 Days Down, 55 To Go

4 Days Down, 55 To Go

55 days left of school. That’s it. I’m so exhausted right now. That last post really took a bit of work (doesn’t look like it does it, haha). Hopefully it’ll peak your interest. I think Part 2 will be more interesting to be honest, but the background knowledge is kinda essential. With any luck, any other poor IB HL Lit sods will find it useful in the future.

Any other novels that IB kids want help with, just message me and I’ll see what I can do, I’ll rummage through my notes.

So far I’ve studied:
– “The Bloody Chamber”, Angela Carter (<– freaking amazing/ disturbing. AMAZING BOOK TO STUDY!)
– “We Need to Talk About Kevin”, Lionel Shriver (<– again, freaking awesome/ disturbing)
– “Fight Club”, Chuck Palahniuk (<– loved this novel! Got a level 7 on my presentation on it! :D)
– “The Stranger”, Albert Camus
– “The Elephant Vanishes”, Haruki Murakami (<– loved studying this, it had the same quality to it as “Bloody Chamber” in a way… the levels of understanding thing, if you’ve studied them you’d understand)
– “Perfume”, Patrick Suskind
– Poetry of Langston Hughes
– “Othello”, William Shakespeare
– “The Bluest Eye”, Toni Morrison
– “A Streetcar Named Desire”, Tennessee Williams
– “Mrs. Warren’s Profession”, George Bernard Shaw

I’m pretty sure that’s it, so drop me a line if you’d like more information! 😀



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