Breakfast with Rellies

Breakfast with Rellies

Well the rellies have returned. Yup, still feeling that “you’re so included and loved and accepted” vibe. Not.

But that’s ok… I’m in a better mood at least. Hopefully it stays.

It’s annoying that mum’s in the kitchen with everyone (bar Meg and I), talking about the basketball here, and then my SISTER, (my *SISTER*) of all freaking people chimes in about how to pronounce chinese… My sister that learns SPANISH not CHINESE. My sister that STILL got the pronunciation wrong.

Ok sure, it’s not a big deal, it’s not like my Uncle will care or even *remember* it after an hour or so. But it bugs ME. Why do something if you can’t do it RIGHT. Don’t pretend you know how to do things that you CAN’T DO.

I’ve learned chinese for 5 years? Longer? I’m by no means an expert… but I know more than my freaking poncy little sister.

She’s really pissing me off at the moment. REALLY. BIG TIME. I WANT TO HIT HER SHE’S SO GRAHHHHHH!! D:

Breakfast. Time for the circus show.



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