Another Late Night


Last night was full on to say the least… Won our basketball game after a full day of 6 lessons… Only to shower and race out the door to dinner.


We went to Raffles first, because it’s so iconic and all. Had drinks in the “Long Bar”… known for it’s peanuts… look it up if you’re curious people, but the following is all completely true (as far as I know :P)


The Long Bar, the legendary birthplace of the Singapore Sling. One of the must-see tourist spots for those with some cash to spare. (Heads up, it’s $18 for a Shirley Temple… but that’s not the point.) Why is it so well-known? Well, besides the fact that it’s part of one of the most famous hotels in the world… so I’m told… or at least it’s supposedly in the top 5 most recognisable hotel-fronts (again, so I’m told).

Anyway, you walk in and I swear it looks like a heard of circus elephants and monkeys live there, the floor is just COVERED in peanuts. There are big boxes on peanuts on every table and the thing to do is to eat the peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. Why? Because it’s a sign of respect and a show of wealth. Yeah. You heard me.

By throwing the peanut shells on the floor, you’re telling the host that you know they are rich enough to afford to pay cleaners to take away the mess. The more shells, the more wealth… somehow.

But there’s one problem with our little visit…

I’m deathly allergic to peanuts. I lasted about an hour? If that? Before my nose started running and bad things started happening. So that was fun. To be completely honest, I felt like Seneca at the end of Hunger Games… (Especially when the family thought it would be funny to throw peanuts at each other… only narrowly missing me each time… :/)


After that near-death experience, we all trooped down to the Esplanade Theatres, Singapore’s giant monument to durians…



While there, we all watched the lazer light show at the Marina Bay Sands, which was quite lovely. Nothing to really write home about, but nice way to spend 10 minutes in your evening.


To finish the night off we finally had dinner, haha! It was about 10pm and they let us in but refused the next people that tried to come in. We ate so much I thought my stomach was going to burst, but oh my godddd it was so yummy!!!!

Anyway, we got home and watched some funny videos before we went to bed… at last!!!

Yeah. I’m so shattered right now.


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