Morning Adventure


Well this morning was anything but dull. Frustrating, maybe, but not dull.

Basically: mum walked into my room at 10 past 7 in the morning (I’m still not on good terms with her after yesterday’s little spat in the hairdresser- something that I could go into later but let’s be honest, no-one really cares :P) and said lol catcha and left with the car to go to her new coaching job over in Jurong (FYI- that’s miles away… well as far away as “miles” can be seeing as we’re in Singapore… a place that doesn’t even feature on a normal map…).

So my (annoying) sister and I were left to fend for ourselves to get to school. We tried calling cabs, in the end I was on the house phone, my sister on her handphone and even my dad calling from his phone to try and get us a cab. It was fruitless.

So we had no choice but to try and flag one on the road and when that too proved useless, we ran for the bus (which I was convinced wasn’t going to stop for us). Unfortunately for us though, we live around the corner from the main taxi/bus change-over/stop station and two stops down from where we got on, the bus driver got off. For ages.

At which point my sister turns to me and tells me we do in fact have a cab, and he’s meeting us at the next stop… and that he was already there. Patience is not a thing in abundance here in Singapore, so I was already thinking about how long it would take me to walk to school from the next stop, or where the stop after that was…

Bus driver came back at that point and we drove out… only to come to a complete stop at the traffic standstill scarcely a minute later.

Eventually we made it to the bus stop, only to discover our taxi was on the wrong side of the road, which, luckily for us, was easily fixed and we got him to U-turn back for us.

I’m now sat in the library, hiding. Frankly, wouldn’t you? If you knew your alternative was to sign in late and walk in to an assembly- late- about finances and how to handle your finances in Uni (in a country that you’re not even applying to?)?

Yeah, I thought not.

After that I have English, which I have no desire to show up for. So this is it, what my life has come to. I am officially skipping class for the very first time.

And I just got busted. Fuck my life.

Write later.


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