Skipping first period Chinese (it’s ok, I’m going to 5th period Chinese so). FINALLY! I’m doing this skipping thing right! Haven’t been caught… I’m “hiding” In a cluster of other students and am being surprisingly productive. I don’t have English until tomorrow (the essay I’m working on is for English) so I’m hoping to get this done before lunchtime.

Then I can do CAS as long as I can… with any luck I’ll finish that too (finishing it today would be a godsend because then I can actually revise for the mocks on Wednesday)…

Mocks start on Wednesday so I’m not playing in the game tomorrow night.

It’s my mum’s birthday today so I got my shit together last night and used my freshly earned pay to get her some presents and a slice of red velvet cake (her favourite).

So yeah, I’m on top of *nearly* everything. All my spare cash has been safely stored with my Greece funds.

Next week (to the day) is my dad’s birthday and seeing as I bought his birthday present at Christmas (and his card last night when I bought mum’s), I’m sorted!

I have to tutor again next Sunday, only an hour and a half but that should be easy (compared to the 6 hours I put in over this past weekend).

Tuition tonight, I’m sharing it with Nataree so I’m not sure how that’s going to work. Oh well, whatever happens, happens.

I think if I can get this essay done, then do at least half of my CAS reflections done by tomorrow, I should be on track to start revision tomorrow!

My mock schedule is so unforgiving…. :/


Tuesday (tomorrow)- I have my Chinese speaking mock. *slumps*… I can’t even be bothered with it. Honestly. But I have a feeling I’m going to really need to ace this. REALLY need to ace this. My Chinese writing is so feeble, I need to make up for it with an amazing speaking and reading exam… Trouble is, the reading exam is near impossible. As in, I have no freaking clue. I’m really worried. Ugh. I’ll make it work. There’s still over 3 months left to go……. right? :S

Wednesday: Chem, EngLit, Philo
Thursday: Philo, EngLit
Friday: Bio, Philo, Maths

Monday: Bio, Maths, Chinese
Tuesday: Bio, Chinese
Wednesday: Chem, Chem

Then I’m off to Thailand for SEASAC. My very last basketball competition at school *wipes away tear*… I desperately hope we make the Championship Finals, even if we come 2nd, that would still be awesome as hell! We’ll see…



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