Breakfast in Tutor

Breakfast in Tutor

Yup I’m eating poptarts. Yum. I can’t believe I’m *already* tapping into my emergency stash. Stupid alarm clocks and all that UGH, I woke up 20 minutes *late* this morning. No clue why… well it’s probably something to do with going to bed at 2 last night with STILL NO COMPLETED ESSAY…

So I’m going to do that now. Then tonight I need to do my Philosophy IA… then CAS when I can, hopefully to be in by Friday. *Snort* likely.

I have a Chinese mock speaking exam now. Not revised. FML. I’ll have to make it work :/

Time to get writing. Sorry my updates have been so sporadic… I guess it’s just the mocks and the deadlines all starting to cram. It’s hardly crept up on me, but it also feels very sudden.

**Well and truly: IBFML**



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