AHHHH!!! Just finished watching it, homigod it’s funnier than I remember it being… some of the lines aren’t very audible, but you get the idea!

The Christmas Panto is a Year 13 privilege (as it’s our last year at school before we graduate and head on to Uni). It’s traditionally very dirty but the teacher that I play (I am the “cake is forbidden” lady) is “cleaning up” the whole panto thing. We have to get all our scripts vetted by the teacher I roleplay as… Last year this resulted in a terrible show… this year however, it got really good reviews.

The show is basically our opportunity to give our honest opinions of the school, what we like or don’t like etc. It’s all pretty political for us as students, however I hope the humour still translates to all of you! (Some bug bears in the school: no 100+ until after school at 3pm (it’s a sports isotonic drink for anyone that doesn’t know), short skirts, undershirts with logos on them, hair down- the hair lice thing was making fun of the fact that the teachers told us that there had been an outbreak of hair lice and having your hair down for even a second could induce a hair lice catastrophe on par with WW3… yeah. My school is slightly anally retentive…)

Bad news, the teacher I portray in this show is the one I have to impress in order to get my Alumni Grant for Ladakh… whooops haha

Anyway, watch, enjoy, laugh! 😀

As for me, it’s back to revision!



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