So I Bought Capri-Sonne

So I Bought Capri-Sonne

Today was preeeeeeeetie good! 😀

Had calculator tuition this morning- hopefully tomorrow’s maths paper won’t be as awful as Friday… IDK! Anyway, then I went to tutor and it was actually really cool today, we got the stuff done, she was confident and I made her laugh… Then her dad walked in and it was 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Ugh. Progress pretty much stopped after that. Oh well. We got the essentials done.

Then I came to school and “revised” (read: bought lots of food then tried to see how great my burps could be with different amounts of coke, I’m so lady-like it’s insane…). In all, I got about 5 minutes of biology revision done.

Apparently it’s the chinese WRITING tomorrow, so, as my quote-able friend in my chinese class would say: “TAKE ME OUTTA THE OVEN BECAUSE I AM **DONE**!”

Yeah. Tomorrow will be meh.

Anyway, it’s home time now. No idea where I’ll hide the capri-sonne. Didn’t really think this through. Ooops, haha.




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