Not Cut Out For Chemistry


Goodness I feel so bad for my tutor. Going through the Paper 2 for Chem and I feel sorta okay about it… Paper 3 though. Dear lord Paper 3. :/

I’m so hooked on tetris it’s crazy. I’m doing about half an hour of work for every hour of tetris I play. I’m a freaking wizard at it right now! 😀

SEASAC is right around the corner and I’m nervous… I started to get stuff out to pack and have somehow wound up with a freaking mountain. I’m away for 4 days. I have about 600+ tops and 2 pairs of jeans. *Sigh* Haha…

Speaking of basketball, in practice today I nearly broke my sister’s nose. HURHURHUR!

Ok, before you all go getting really upset over it, let me say this first, she’s broken my nose… TWICE. I didn’t even break hers! It’s a little bruised. Let me explain- haha- basically there’s this defense called “extended 2-1-2” and it’s a form of zone that pressures the opposition when they try to put the ball on the court and or try to advance it past the halfway line. The aim is to get them to fall foul of the 8 second violation.

Anyway, we just started the drill and my sister is our ballhandler (1), I’m… I don’t even know anymore, haha. I play wherever I’m needed. Started my basketball career as a baseliner (4 or 5), then moved to the 2 or 3 position, then to 1, then back to 2 or 3, now I’m back on the baseline with the occasional reappearance on the free throw line. It’s a bit whatever, haha.


So moving on to the story. I was playing the “1” in the middle of the “2-1-2 trap” or the “extended 2-1-2”, my role on the court was to help trap the ball-handler on the edge of the court, thus forcing the bad pass or the player to run off-court. My sister put the ball on, the top 2 put on pressure, forced her left and I went to finish off the trap and BANG she’s stopped, then she’s on the floor.


Yeah. Hahahahahaha, she wasn’t seriously injured, just bruised her nose, but I am not even kidding, I genuinely don’t know how she banged up her nose. I’m forever being told that I need to play more aggressively on the court… apparently I had done just that. I didn’t slap, I didn’t push. My hands were straight up and she collided with my body… her knee smacked into my shin, just under my knee. When she went down she was holding her nose… it had one of the blackest bruises I’ve ever seen on it. Mystifying.

We don’t hate each other… I made sure she was ok and all.

It was so damn hilarious though. The next play, my sister passed the ball on, didn’t dribble, I went to finish the trap on the ball-handler and she just “surrendered” when I got near. I’m not a mean player I swear. I’m like a teddy bear on court, which is why it was all so funny.

I don’t know how well the humour translates over this format, but we were all cracking up.

If my sister’s nose had broken… don’t think I’d feel guilty to be honest. The lil’ hoe broke mine when we were younger, you ask me she had it coming! Hahaha… I’m kidding people, sheesh, chill out! 😛

Yeah. SEASAC. I’ll only have the one lesson on Thursday, Biology, my only other lesson is a free. I’ll probably end up trying to find out all my marked paper grades in that hour… *shudder*

Meh. I’m mentally preparing to fail this Chemistry tomorrow so night all! 😀


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