So I Found a Brad Pitt Mask…

So I Found a Brad Pitt Mark...

The things we find/do in Biology… The results ain’t too bad! YAY! 😀

We just had a “lock-down” in case a crazy gunman invades our school. (The middle picture is Brad mid-lock-down.) We’ve done them before, we had a terrorist threat on our school YONKS ago… like… 2008? 2009? Not sure. It all started way before America went crazy (if there ever was such a time…)

Anyway, we just had that. Fun times. 😀

SEASAC is rushing headfirst at me now. We leave for the airport in less than an hour, I have genuinely no idea what the arrangements are. Do we meet where our bags are? Where the buses will be? You’d think I know. I don’t. I’ll just follow everyone else like a lamb to the slaughter. *Sigh*

Don’t know when I’ll next post to you guys, so here’s hoping you all have a lovely weekend!



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