The Nerves, THE NERVES!


I should really chill out. Oh dear god. I should chill. I just had the Alum Meeting, I think (HOPE) it went well… I barely bullshitted and nearly cried, for once I actually appreciate my clap on/clap off tears. I think it helped my case so… I don’t know. Life. I don’t know how to do it.

Now I’m getting really nervous for SEASAC. Pressure’s on. I don’t want to fail. Gold would be so nice. But you know what else would be nice? To play so amazingly that even if we lose, my parents would be proud of me. I think that’s what I’m most nervous about. Not playing well enough.

Off to Bio. Eeesh. So far I have my English results and my Philosophy results back from the mocks. This will be fun. Hurhur… hur… hur… :/


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