I was going to make a really depressing post about how lonely I felt… how sad I felt… how I don’t think that anyone will ever love me and that I’ll die alone with a bajjilion rabbits because everyone knows that cats are TOO DAMN FRIENDLY. Anyway, I had no idea what to do with my lonely soul…


SO PLEASE! If you are feeling DOWN, DEPRESSED, LONELY, UNCHEER-UP-ABLE (like I did 5 minutes ago)…





Didn’t get lunch so I’m functioning on a bowl of cereal and a chocolate croissant from breaktime.


I could eat my hand right now. o.O

I can eat away my sorrows in…… approx. 15 minutes. Yay!




Well fuck me. The fucking TOK is STILL not done. She wants it in again by Monday. I get it, she’s giving me more of a chance to save my ass… I need the highest freaking grade on this that I can get (especially after my EE teacher screwed me over).

My headache is at fever pitch. I hate this school. So much. I can’t wait to graduate, but thinking about exams leaves me feeling sick to the bone. SICK. I feel my stomach churning when I think about how underprepared I am.

I have tuition tonight and I’m pretty sure I’m going to struggle. I can feel the crushing pressure of stress and exhaustion mounting in my temples and behind my eyes.

We had a bit of a family tragedy the other day- my dad’s sister (whom I’ve never met) had a heart attack and was given a stent. I didn’t blog it because they told me it wasn’t a big deal… and I don’t know her… and I don’t really think that sort of thing needs to be known by my school friends (READ: DO NOT TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS IN SCHOOL TYSM)… it sucks having school people on my blog sometimes… I mean, I don’t mind, but the whole point was this was a sort of journal thing… I shouldn’t have to edit my own journal. Ugh. Whatever. I’ll deal. Most of them are pretty good at keeping their traps shut about stuff on my blog (so yay, keep it up!).

But yeah, she had a heart attack. My dad is flying out tonight to see her. This comes right on the tail of my one living blood grandparent left having another bout of cancer a week ago or so. They operated and got rid of it and he’s ok, so that’s a relief, but it’s still kind of shitty for my dad at the moment- which doesn’t make it easier at home, but I’m not going to be selfish about this- I feel for him. He’s really upset, he lost his mother to a heart attack when he was in his… 20s? So yeah, it’s scary. All the women on my dad’s side of the family seem to drop dead around late 40’s, early 50’s- not a good sign for me…

Cancer is quite prevalent throughout my entire family, both sides. I don’t really know what else there is to say about it though. It is what it is and it won’t change. It’ll just make me more cautious (therefore I really need to start liking running… weight gain is pretty damn easy for the women of my family too *sigh*)

Well that all escalated quickly.

Anyway, I’m very tired and very annoyed. Doesn’t help that Mr. Asshole is driving me crazy. I’m so sick of this man. Ugh. IB. My school can’t do IB. We really shouldn’t be offering it. This is nuts. I am so worried about my exams but I am unable to motivate myself enough to revise. Screw this. I’m going to stop this post here. Eeeesh.

Ok… dear sweet jesus, I was just about to stop- then THAT FREAKING GIRL started talking (you know that one person who makes you see red the second they enter the room? Yeah. Her. I explain more about her on my “About Me” page…. I think… she’s our Deputy Head Girl or something like that.)

I think I might scream, but I’ll try not to. Bye all… it’s Maths.

Joy of holy joys.






I wAnT tO sLeEp…

I wAnT tO sLeEp...


Philosophy Headaches

Philosophy Headaches

Eeeesh, so we’re doing essay plans in philosophy. Not any essay plans, essay plans with a twist. We have to make them into powerpoints. Shoot me.

My essay plan question: “Critically Evaluate Atheism as a Philosophical Perspective”

It seems nice enough, but my head is killing me. I’m putting far too much into the essay (too many concepts) and so that’ll be another headache to cut back on. Ugh, whatever.

I can’t stop listening to “Give Me Love” (Ed Sheeran), hence the last post’s title (if you didn’t pick up on that, haha).

I have cut 30 words out of my TOK essay. Need to cut another 30. My eyesight has gone to shit. FML. Everything is blurry (in the distance), I might need to up my glasses prescription…

I have to go and see my TOK teacher at lunchtime about the essay…. I told her I’d email her the edited version on Monday night…. I didn’t. I have all of Bio to finish the edits and tell her I “sent” it on Monday… Ugh. Oh IB…


Hum-Um-Ay, Hum-Um-Ay, Hum-Um-Ay

Hum-Um-Ay, Hum-Um-Ay, Hum-Um-Ay

So Chimmercharlie and I are freaking out over finding this blogger who is pretty much a carbon copy of us…. IN SWEDEN.

Yeah. She’s great, but the only problem is that she’s waaaay further ahead of me in ‘Supernatural’ and I don’t want to risk spoilers (not after I followed 60+ blogs about ‘Supernatural’ on Tumblr and found the season 2-3(?) spoiler about Sam *sobs*).

If you’re interested- http://klingpling.wordpress.com/
^ (if you don’t want me to promo you… I can remove this)

So yeah. I’m being a lot more cautious now.

I didn’t post last night…. my laptop died. I somehow left my charger at school last night, I got home to 10 minutes of battery left (and an ache in my poor tortured IB soul…)

So what did I do? I WENT TO BED BEFORE MIDNIGHT!!!!! o.O

I’m still tired… more so than I thought I’d be. Weird. Anyway. So I went to sleep around 11:45pm. It’s mind-boggling. I could have done my handwritten EngLit essay but meh (I might regret that later… fuck it, it’s only a practice-y thing that he won’t mark for a few days/weeks(?) yet).

Okay… I have Biology now.

I did the assembly again tomorrow, thank goodness I don’t have to do it again for a while (A-Level mocks mean we don’t have assembly in the Sixth Form).

PS- I hate Chimmercharlie. She is such a bitch. Oh my god. She just made me watch the last 2 minutes of the final season of ‘Merlin’… I cried. I HAVE NEVER FREAKING WATCHED THE SERIES BEFORE AND I CRIED OVER THE LAST 2 MINUTES.

I am so screwed for ‘Supernatural’.

I am officially NOT watching ‘Sherlock’ or ‘Merlin’ (probably not going to even attempt to handle any ‘Doctor Who’ feels… I’m just going to leave those demon BBC productions alone.)


Today’s Summary

Pretty darn good! 😀

  • I came into school early and didn’t feel like death (yipee!)
  • I did the assembly without mucking up (noticeably at least, haha)
  • Didn’t have Chem
  • Finished and handed in my Chem IA!
  • Did nothing in Maths
  • Did nothing in English
  • Watched an episode of ‘Supernatural’

Then I came home and mucked around on an editor:




I think I’ll edit the word count on my TOK essay down now! If I’m still feeling motivated later then I might attempt the darn handwritten EngLit essay… A part of me is doubting that’ll happen, haha. I really should do it though… I also need to do a Bio Design IA, which shouldn’t be too hard/take too long. Hmph.

Hope you’re all having a lovely Wednesday! WE’RE HALFWAY THROUGH THE WEEK! YAY! 😀

Chimmercharlie and I at ELLIE GOULDING LAST NIGHT!!!! 😀

Tetris Queen

Tetris Queen

Welll…….. this escalated quickly o.O
I kept getting level 5’s and 4’s… wasn’t doing so well today… then. :O

Before this my P.B. was… 11? 12? Now I have to try and beat 18!! :O

Challenge Accepted


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