Championship Finals

So, so, so, so, so amazing!

Showered. Happy. Champions. Excited. Relieved. Amazed.

Thank goodness that’s all over.

Final Score:


Medals and Trophy Collection:


I can’t believe we beat them. Honestly. Cannot believe it. I genuinely didn’t think we’d do it- despite all that yada last night. I really didn’t think we would win. We’ve not beaten UWC in SO LONG! Last year we met them in the semi-finals and challenged them all the way up until the half way before they ran away and beat us. This year? We took to that court and we played hard.

It wasn’t a high scoring game, but hell it was an awesome game. We had ABSOLUTELY EVERY OTHER TEAM CHEERING FOR US. Everyone.

I feel so sorry for the other team. Their coach is a bitch of a guy. But heck, at least we don’t have to deal with him.

His ego is SO BIG I’m surprised he fit through the double doors for the basketball courts. Honestly, they’ve had the mental edge on us for YEARS and then he decided his team was “too good” to play against us. His mistake. His arrogance cost him. We won.



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