Blob Blob Blob

Blob Blob Blob

I’m crying on the inside. Is it even possible to be this tired? Not in the sleepy sense, I’m not sleepy yet. I’m tired in the sense that none of this bullshit is worth it. I just want to relax. Ha. Funny. Relax. Good word.


I have class photos tomorrow. Apparently they’re really weird. We have to give each other piggy backs and what not… o.O


Oh gawd I need to do my CAS reflections. Still haven’t done that. I’ll go to training tonight and if no-one else shows up I’ll go home early to do some work before tuition (that’s the plan at least).

Philosophy is a major TO DO! CAS has to be in by Thursday latest, so that and Philosophy are priority at the moment. Then I’ll worry about World Lit. Stupid essays. Ugh.

All 6 periods today, meeting at break, choir at lunch, basketball training after school and all that is topped off with tuition at 7:30 tonight.

Well and truly: IBFML.

PS- Ugh I get Chem results back today. -.-



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