Keeping My Head Above Water

Keeping My Head Above Water

Today is gonna be alright… as long as I avoid a few teachers (THE CAS TEACHER)…

We have class photos at break- apparently they’re really weird…

What else is going on today… oh yeah finals. Basketball Finals. Then that’s it I reckon. Today SHOULD BE pretty chill.

OH YEAH! I remember what made me cry last night. One- we got our SEASAC photos and found some gorgeous photos of when we won (I’ll upload a few later). But more importantly, TWO- freaking Greece freaking ferking fenerking *hits inanimate objects*

Read that and weep fellow Classicist’s. In case you can’t be bothered to read here’s a summary: Greece has increased taxes on oil. Greece has gone cray. Greece has chopped down the tree that Plato apparently used to study under. FOR FIREWOOD.


There won’t be anything left.

When I get there… there won’t be anything left… I nearly had a melt down when I read this article. FML. I’ll be too late.


In better news- Gay Marriage is being legalised all across Europe at lightning speed! England jumped on the bandwagon today!



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