Let Me Crawl Into A Hole…

Let Me Crawl Into A Hole...

…and please leave me there to die.

3 and half hours of sleep isn’t too bad, but I think waking up to being shouted at is. I didn’t realise I’d overslept by half an hour (still wasn’t late… I genuinely don’t know why my sister has such a stick up her butt about getting to school before the bell… -.-)

I’ve noticed something about myself- when I’m really, really tired and not consciously keeping an eye on it… my mouth hangs open. Not hugely… but enough that I have to keep reminding myself to shut it every 5 minutes.

To keep my sugar-engine burning, I’ve had a sugar-waffle-thing (I think they’re called “Belgian Waffles”?) then I just had pop tarts. I can’t taste anything. At all. Well, the one thing I *can* taste is this icky taste at the back of my throat. I’m losing my voice. I’m losing my mind. I really need this holiday. REALLY NEED IT.

I feel like listing my symptoms, maybe school friends will give me wide berth so as to not get gross like me:

  • No sense of taste
  • Bile/ sour tasting icky stuff at the back of my throat
  • Sore throat
  • Losing voice
  • Exhausted
  • Can only hear (sort of) out of one ear
  • Tired from climbing a single set of stairs (lactic burn like no other)
  • Short of breath
  • Cold… as in constantly
  • Headache
  • Blurry eyesight
  • Feeling of being separate to my body
  • Sneezing/ Coughing (I’m pretty sure the worst of this is yet to develop)
  • Snot. Snot everywhere. Lots of snot. Ugh. I am gross as fuck.
  • General feeling of physical weakness (not the “oh I’m pathetic” thing, but my body feels fragile…)

Then my dickhead of a H.O.Y. decided to remind us (YET AGAIN) of how many school days we have left (it’s 36 by the way. I have 36 days IN school left before exams). Two words: FUCK YOU.

I just don’t need it this morning. I’m freaking out as it is, I don’t need your smug, jerk-ass, butt-face, shiny-headed schadenfreude first thing on a Thursday fucking morning after 3 and a half hours of sleep.

That’s all for now. I’m going to do CAS and Philo now. Fingers crossed I’ll actually finish one of them…



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