Time To Be Productive

Time To Be Productive

I am going to get my CAS Reflections done and handed in in the next half hour… okay hour. I officially have all my sign offs, I just need to write up another 4 reflections and hand them in. Yay! It’s possible. Then I can do my Philo (extension ’til tomorrow) and my World Lit (due next week).

It hasn’t stopped raining around here. The skies are constantly black, it’s a tad depressing… and inconvenient. The rain is just so heavy here! I know Singapore only has two seasons “Wet” and “Wetter” (aka “Dry” and “Wet”), right now we’re supposedly in the “Dry” season and all it’s done is belt it down… *Sigh*

I have tuition tonight, hopefully I’ll have something sugary close-by to keep me awake long enough to pay attention to him. I don’t know if I’ve ever had so little sleep in IB… I’m coping surprisingly well all things considered.

I’m shattered yet, physically tired as hell- but so far I’ve managed to battle off my desire to doze (that’s not to say I have been perky all day because lets be honest, I’ve been anything *but* perky today…)

So yeah, onto CAS. Onto glory!

I feel so truly shitty. I have convinced myself (in the space of a day) that I have microplasma again. It would explain why I’ve found it so hard to run/ breathe over the last few games (yes I know I’m unfit, but I have a very quick recovery time… which seems to be slowing down- don’t go thinking I’m making excuses, I genuinely do have a fast bounce back rate, and what I’m going through at the moment isn’t me being unfit, it’s me being sick).

It’s sad that I find it so hard to tell my parents that I’m sick… my mum has this terrible attitude of “if you’re still walking, you’re fine” sorta thing. She has little time or sympathy for sickness. It took a whole two months before we went to the doctor the first time I got microplasma, and a month the second time. Who knows how long I’ve had it this time, but I definitely recognise the symptoms… oh well, as I said earlier, I’ll give it a few more days before I jump to conclusions.



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