Nearly Done With Friday

Nearly Done With Friday

Oh dear lord I look like a zombie. Anyway, I’ve gotten my TOK essay back (wahey it wasn’t disastrous!!) and so now we’re onto Chemistry.

I’m tired, but whatever. Desperately need to do my Philosophy IA. Eeesh. I feel bad for it not being done yet…

I really hope I don’t infect my tutee later… it would suck to get her sick fight before her big holidays. Also, I would cancel this session if not for the fact that she had an experience in school recently that has shocked her- according to her mum, she really wants to talk to me about it. I’m guessing this means that she hasn’t told her mum about our little conversation last time.

After that, we’ve decided to not do a movie seeing as there’s nothing out… (well ‘Cloud Atlas’ is still out… but only at 11pm OR in Gold Class- frankly I don’t want to spend $40 to sit by myself and miss dinner…). So we’re just getting sushi dinner. Yum.

Shame I can’t taste *ANYTHING*… :S



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