Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Yes, the festivities began last night. No doubt the lion dancers will be filling backyards everywhere!

Shame the weather is so rubbish! It’s scarcely 1 in the afternoon (I just woke up an hour ago- hurhurhur) and the skies and grey/black. The other day when it flooded, thankfully, Orchard was okay, it was only the first floor of my school that flooded- teehee.

Last night I watched 4 hours of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ with my parents, goodness I love that show. So brilliantly done! I’ll be watching the last 2 hours… tonight maybe? Tomorrow? Anyway, I can’t wait! I’m finally starting to know the lines! 😀

I still feel crummy and I have A LOT of work to do… :/

But if I can get it more or less out of the way in the next few days, I should have a decent amount of time to relax *cough* I mean REVISE.

Yes, yes, yes.

Not really much else to say. Keep an eye out for the “educational” posts as they’re on their way! 😀



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