The Weekend is Over!

The Weekend is Over!

That went surprisingly fast!

Good thing I don’t have school tomorrow! Haha!

My sickness is abating- YAY! I should be healthy by tomorrow or Tuesday with any luck!

Mum and I finished watching ‘Pride and Prejudice’ tonight and I’m inspired. I’ve decided to write a fanfic about Jane, the eldest Bennett. As much as everyone loves Lizzie, where would she be without her dearest older sister?

There are SO MANY fanfics out there about Lizzie- go look for yourself if you don’t believe me! There are entire SERIES’ out! (Even- and it kills me to say it- “50 Shades of Mr. Darcy”… yet again, I am not joking… *kills self*)

But I’ve yet to see any about Jane, I don’t doubt that they exist, but not to the same extent as the new Mrs. Darcy.

SO! I’m writing Jane’s side of things. The title will be “Jane.” (exciting and shockingly original, I know. Where does this inspired genius come from?! Hahaha!)

I really like her story with Bingley and I think it could be explored further. The story will fit in as closely as I can with the BBC version of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, so hopefully it will dovetail nicely and thereby explain itself… :3

I can’t see myself sleeping much tonight… then again I rarely sleep “on time” haha!

Night all!



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