Nice Night

Nice Night

So after actually getting a teensy bit (yay!) of work done, we went out for dinner. First we stopped at a prom dress shop where the girls made me try on some pretty awful dresses… before the shop keepers actually surprised me with a black and gold one that I must remember to bring mum back to see at some point…

Then dinner at the hawker (yummm), I don’t think I’ve ever eaten such a huge bowl of Yong Tao Foo before… ever. Normal price, massive serve! Who am I to complain?! Haha!

After that we shopped around for some birthday presents (didn’t find any unfortunately), before finally winding up in a hipster store at the top of a mall somewhere. I know my sister shops there, which was a very good reason for me to NOT shop there, but it didn’t stop us/me.

I ended up buying these two pieces: an orange bandage skirt (love love love) and a green t-shirt dress (surprised me, I didn’t think I’d like it…). So yeah, they’re now hiding safely in my wardrobe so my parents don’t find them, haha. The girls and I all bought variations of the green dress to wear on the graduation trip (it’s a beach trip so it should fit in fine).

Now I’m off to finish the essay, I’m in a productive mood so with any luck I’ll be done by 1am! 🙂



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