World Freaking Literature

World Freaking Literature

Why is this so hard to finish????


I’ve done NA-TING.

Been in school a whole… what… nearly 4 hours?

I’ve done no work. WHY?!

Jeeeeez. I suck too much for my own good.

In good news, I suppose, my two friends and I have looked up and done all but BOOK for the graduation trip. Honest to goodness. We haven’t said concrete yes to anyone else, so we only did this as a hypothetical (but it could turn very, very real)…

We found a hotel and flights. Round trip flights, breakfast included, free wifi, 5 nights… total per person? SG$580

Sure that doesn’t include lunch, dinner, alcohol, parties, travel between the airport and hotel etc… but still that’s a bloody good deal!! AND it’s sorting something out that is just *not* getting done.

Everyone’s been talking about this for MONTHS… but it has been all talk and the occasional gaze over some villas or hotel deals. In a matter of an hour and a half (if we had credit cards/ money), we could have booked everything that we needed to get booked!

It’s frustrating. The whole thing is such a debacle, you don’t want to offend anyone, at the same time it’s a self-organised trip! Toes will be stepped on! Everyone has different price ranges and different ideals for the trip.

There’s a massive divide between those who want a villa and those who want a hotel… I frankly don’t care. It’s a place that we’ll leave our bags at and sleep for less than 8 hours every night… with the exception of breakfast, we spend barely any time there- so why bother with a fancy ass villa?

At the same time, with a villa you don’t have to worry about making too much noise, space is hardly an issue, you can continue the party at your “pad”…

I don’t know… but it seems so much more complicated when you’re trying to organise for 12 people. We looked at deals for 5 people, 5 nights. Done, sorted, over. It’s so easy! But, as with most things, the more people that are involved, the harder it is to do…

I just want to click confirm… but I haven’t spoken to parentals on all this (seeing as they’re paying for it all…). AND the rate I’m going with my work/revision… I won’t be graduating either.


Back to actually working… for once… hahaha



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